The Hill School is proud to offer a unique and well-rounded curriculum!


Meet the Enrichment Team

First up, we have Ms. Jessica our Spanish teacher! Ms. Jessica has been at The Hill School for five years and she does a wonderful job incorporating our school wide curriculum with her Spanish lessons each week.

Next, we have Mr. Trent our Music and Technology teacher! Mr. Trent has been at The Hill School for five years as well. Our students love Mr. Trent and even participate in Private Music Lessons with him throughout the week. 

Last but definitely not least, is Ms. Julianne and she is our Drama and Sign Language teacher! Ms. Julianne has been with us for four years and her creative soul has shined the entire time.


The integrated approach to learning incorporates Science, Technology, Engingerring, the Arts, and Mathematics to teach students to think critically, problem solve, experiment, and communicate their ideas. We are so excited to apply this curriculum in classrooms and our Fine Arts program!


The way we explore the world around us! Teachers will utilize experiments, investigations, and open-ended questions to encourage students’ scientific inquiry. Students will develop the ability to predict outcomes and test their own hypotheses as they become active learners.
The tools we use to solve problems and produce new things! Teachers will provide opportunities for students create technology in their classrooms through physical experiments. Additionally, our Preschool, Jr. K and Elementary Communities will incorporate academic lessons on smart boards, laptops, and tablets.




The process of thoughtful design and creation! Our students engineer daily as they build towers and railroads during free play. Teachers will also incorporate large scale building projects with mixed materials and student-led experimentation.
The sense of numbers, quantities, patterns, measurement & space! The years before a child enters school are known as the ‘years of promise’ for mathematics! Teachers will help students recognize numbers, sort patterns, measure and compare objects, and explore shapes and spatial relationships.




Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics all benefit from a strong foundation in The Arts and our Enrichment program incorporates perfectly into the S.T.E.A.M. curriculum!
  • Drama: Our Drama class will lead students in improvisational and imaginative role-playing. Activities include participative storytelling, pantomime, puppetry, and student-created plays.
  • Music: Our hands-on music classes teach children to incorporate all of their senses andbody into learning experiences. Students will practice different elements of music theory and explore a large variety of genres and instruments.
  • Languages: Students’ ability to communicate their thoughts and ideas is crucial to success. Our Spanish and ASL classes offer them another outlet for language and understanding, as well as incorporate cultural awareness and diversity.

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