K4 Community

Our K4 community faculty enrich the lives of their students by creating bonds that truly last a lifetime. They guide our students through their development by implementing carefully planned learning activities to give each of them the support they require.  

In K4, our students are preparing to succeed in not only Kindergarten but in life in general. The Hill School promotes a high-quality program to help our students gain a sense of responsibility, logical thinking and self-direction.  

Our classrooms are based on age and development, so it’s important that our faculty constantly observe and track the progress of our students. Parent Teacher Conferences are held once every quarter to make sure our students are on the right path to success.  

Safety and cleanliness is a top priority here at The Hill School. We maintain proper student:faculty ratio, cots are not shared, toys and materials are age appropriate. Sanitization of toys and surfaces takes place throughout the day. We also maintain the upmost level of cleanliness by performing proper hand washing during transition times throughout the day.  


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