Early Learner Community

Our early learner community faculty cultivate the building blocks of education for our early learner students. They provide high quality, developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to promote fine motor skills, problem-solving skills and language skills.

At this phase of development, we incorporate materials and activities that not only interest our students but also challenge them. With clear limits and expectations set in our early learner community we nurture their learning.

All of our programs are tailored to our student’s developmental progress, not just based on their age. Observation and documentation is recorded daily on our early learner student’s development. Our early learner community faculty conduct Parent Teacher Conferences quarterly to share their progress with parents. We encourage a wide range of activities with the proper guidance and supervision to make sure our students flourish in their growth.

Safety and cleanliness is a top priority here at The Hill School. We maintain proper faculty:student ratios, cots are not shared and toys are age appropriate with a balance between small and whole group instruction. Sanitization of toys and surfaces takes place multiple times throughout the day. We also maintain the upmost level of cleanliness by performing proper hand washing and diapering/toilet training techniques.

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