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The Hill School Mission & Philosophy

The Hill School, located in Northwest Arkansas, is a leading private Christian educational institution serving students from infancy through 6th grade. Students at The Hill School benefit from a top-notch educational experience, delivered by compassionate, qualified, and credentialed educators. Established in 2010, the school has a longstanding history of nurturing future leaders with strong Christian values and a nurturing spiritual atmosphere. Beyond academics, The Hill School offers an array of enriching activities in both fine arts and athletics. With two campuses in Fayetteville, the student body hails from a diverse range of cities and communities across the Northwest Arkansas region.

Our Mission

“To cultivate spiritual Leadersspiritual Leaderswho actively influence and transform their society.”

Our Philosophy

The Hill School is deeply committed to providing a safe & loving environment with Christian education, providing truths directly from God's Word. Acknowledging God as the ultimate architect and orchestrator of the universe is a prerequisite for gaining a true understanding of worldly matters.

At THS, we consider Christian education to be a holistic experience led by committed Christian educators, set within a framework where both God and His teachings serve as the ultimate reference point. Our primary goal is to integrate all forms of knowledge with the enduring wisdom found in the Word of God.

We see it as our duty to foster the development of our students in various aspects of life—spiritual, academic, social, and physical.

The Hill School Mission & Philosophy