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At The Hill School, our Early Childhood program is led by experienced and compassionate educators who specialize in early childhood development. The curriculum is robust and multidisciplinary, encompassing Bible studies, literacy skills, mathematics, science, and social studies, all aimed at nurturing well-rounded learners. In addition, writing and vocabulary development are integral parts of the daily instruction.

The school day offers a balanced mix of active and quiet periods, facilitating both individual and group learning experiences. Alongside their core studies, our preschoolers enrich their learning with specialized classes in Physical Education, Spanish, Music, Computing, and Library Science. Every week, the children come together for a communal chapel service, fostering spiritual growth.

This program is meticulously designed to prepare your child for the academic and social challenges of kindergarten. To fully grasp the benefits and culture of our Early Childhood program, we highly recommend scheduling an in-person classroom visit.

Our Mission

“To cultivate spiritual Leadersspiritual Leaderswho actively influence and transform their society.”

Enrollment Information

Joyce Campus Options

Our Joyce Campus offers families three distinct attendance options for Early Childhood students:

  • 5-day full-time program
  • 4-day part-time program
  • 3-day part-time program

All full-time programs run from 8:15 am to 3:30 pm and include an early morning care option starting at 7:30 am. We also provide an afterschool care program for families needing extended care up until 5:30 pm.

Afterschool Care Program

Our afterschool care program is especially useful for families where both parents work outside the home. Open to students from Early Childhood through 5th grade, this program kicks off right after the regular school day. For a fee of $25 per day, students are offered snacks, assisted with homework, and engaged in a range of enjoyable activities.

Core Curriculum Highlights

At The Hill School, we are committed to providing an enriching and nurturing environment to kickstart your child's lifelong learning journey.


  • Introduction to Old and New Testament stories
  • Weekly Bible verse memorization
  • Fostering respect for the American flag


  • Number recognition and counting up to 20
  • Basic shape identification and object classification
  • Problem-solving through simple addition and subtraction

Social Studies

  • Cooperative play and rule-following
  • Introduction to community helpers and historical figures
  • Recognizing the influence of divine providence in history

Language Arts

  • Letter recognition and phonics
  • Identification of rhyming words and basic word blends
  • Story sequencing and retelling
  • Real vs. pretend differentiation


  • Seasonal and calendar awareness
  • Animal classification
  • Understanding the concept of living vs. non-living

Physical Development

  • Fine motor skills development, including writing and cutting
  • Basic locomotion skills like walking, hopping, and skipping
  • Learning to throw and catch a bean bag